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Diary From A Music Lover EP (Bouq.sub003)


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Familia Release
We're releasing our new Techno tracks Three X Three and Rohrschach on Familia. The release also includes 2 nice remixes from M.I.T.A. Who has released on labels like Elevate, Respekt Recordings and Phobiq before! Thanks ;)

Alfa Romero Release
Alfa Romereo released our track Rocca on their compilation AlfaBox 02 Just click to see it on Beatport.

Second EP on Disguised Arts
We just released our second EP on Disguised Arts Click on the label to get a free download of the tracks. We hope you like them as much as last time we released our personal favorites to DA. Thank you all music lovers!

Release on Traumschallplatten
Our track Atacama is out on Traum Schallplatten We are part of the Tour de Traum XIV compilation! Very happy to share our latest production with you ;)

New EP on Disguised Arts
We have just released a 3-Track EP on Disguised Arts Click on the label to get a free download of the tracks. We hope you like them and share them to your friends or repost them where you can, that's how you can give us something back.

On the road
We will be at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 all week, so if you want to talk to us, just contact us through facebook / mail. See you there!


Thanks to Jimmy Van M, Atapy and Tom Wax for charting us in their February Top 10!

we climbed to place #2 in Techno Buzz charts at and house buzz chart #7. with our bouq release "diary from a music lover".

We found out we are on #59 in Beatport Techno Release Charts and #63 in Tech house Release Charts with the Diary From A Music Lover EP on bouq.sub / bouq

Soooo awesome!! Thanks people!


Today we can announce that the vinyl of our bouq / bouq.sub release is now available worldwide through
Also we begin with our Feedback series. Thanks for supporting us guys!

Martin Eyerer: “will straight feature in my next radioshow!”
Wankelmut: “chapter two is my favorite mix! full support!”
WEHBBA: “chapter two is rocking, really hot release!”

Vinyl on

Also out on Beatport:
listen to the whole ep on Soundcloud:

DJ feedbacks part II

AFFKT: “Digging both tracks here...would love to play it!”
CHUS+CEBALLOS: “Nice one! chapter one for us!”
Wally Lopez: “Chapter 2 is great.. support”

We are overwhelmed by the great feedback of our fellas. Thaaanks!

DJ feedbacks part III

Animal Trainer: “Chapter one is for me the most impressing track on this EP...”
Chymera: “I quite like Chapter 2.. no nonsense dancefloor business. Will play for sure”
dOP “really like the groove of chapter one !”

We are so thankful for the loving Feedback of our colleagues. Thanksss

DJ Feedbacks Part IV

AGENT - Official Artistpage: “chapter one for me ! pumpkin techies , love it”
Danny Serrano: “Loved it! nice EP will play thank's!”
SUPERNOVA: “Really cool for us.”

Danke // Muchas gracias // Grazie mille !!!

DJ feedbacks part V

SIS (official page): “coole scheibe “
Hollen: “i like chapter two :)”
Macromism: “Really interesting ep! we ll try them this weekend in istanbul thx”

Grazie mille // Teşekkür ederim. // Danke !!!

DJ feedbacks part VI

NiCe7: "Cool release! Thanks."
Simina Grigoriu: "awesome"
Stacey Pullen (official page): "cool will try"

Grazie mille // Danke // Thanks !!!

DJ feedbacks part VII

Gunnar Stiller: sounds great, chapter 2 is the the one for me!!
Paul C & Paolo Martini : cool tracks... i'll play
Darlyn Vlys: nice Ep. chpt.2 is my fav

Danke // Grazie mille // Merci !!

DJ feedbacks part VIII // Diary From A Music Lover EP on bouq.sub // bouq

John Graham aka Quivver: "cool, chapter one for me!"
D.O.N.S.: "Love both chapters. Radio & set support"
Joe T Vannellii: "Chapter one for me"

Thanks // Grazie mille

DJ feedbacks part IX

Vangelis Kostoxenakis: "dope single, love the 1st track, fresh"
Lydia Eisenblätter: "chapter one for me…big support….pretty good!!"
FRANCESCO FARFA: "Diary From A Music Lover (Chapter 2) BOMB!!!!"

Grazie mille // Ευχαριστούμε // Danke!!

DJ feedbacks part X

The Disco Boys: "Well, I am a Music Lover too - and envy the skills of these guys. Great debut! Full support!"
Chris Lake: "very cool!"
RIVA STARR: "Sounds cool thanks"

Danke // Thanks // Grazie mille!!

DJ feedbacks part XI

LEON: "always good music from this label, i like it"
Nicolas Masseyeff: "will try them this week end !! looks cool !!!"
Jimmy Van M: "Chapter 2 rocks!! Love it"


They started their journey as the producer duo "unNamebar" with their debut release on bouq.records back in 2015.

Coming from unNamebar where they began their search for identity in 2015, they now found themselves and know exactly the direction they're heading.

Beck and Rius return to their own names to make it more personal, make a even stronger statement - that their beloved electronic music is not yet dead.

Being people that see themself on the dancefloor and more being a part of the crowd than a king in a high castle,
they are open minded and not denying where they actually come from. Mixing the best from earlier days of Techno and House Music with current state of the art sound, each track tells his own story, which takes you on a journey to different places.

And that's the whole formula they rely on. In their tracks and in their sets,
everything is special and unique, there is no set like the other, no track like the other and no day like the other.

true to their word standing for
"Seeded in the deep jungle, grown to deliver mystic electronic music."


electronic music duo - frankfurt, germany


beatport (uNr)

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